Trigonometry Syllabus

Meeting Times: 2:00 to 2:50am, MWF in HPR 252.

Last day to withdraw: Friday, October 30

Final Exam: Monday, December 14, 5-7pm, location TBA

Instructor: Nathan Smith

Office: RBN 4007

Contact: 566-7216

Web Page:

Office Hours: To be announced. See my web page for the latest.

Text: Trigonometry by Lial, Hornsby, and Schneider (9th) with MyMathLab software. ISBN-10: 0321-536002

Course Topics:This course provides students opportunities to think critically, communicate and use information technology. It is a study of the many uses of trigonometric functions of angles, degree and radian measure, circular functions, graphs, identities, inverse trigonometric functions, polar coordinates, solution of general triangles, and complex numbers.

Student Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course students should be able to:

Calculator Policy: You will be allowed to use a scientific calculator on some of the homework and tests. Graphing calculators are not allowed.

Test one 15 %
Test two 15 %
Test three 15 %
Final exam 30%
Homework/quizzes/projects 25%
Departmental policy dictates that in no case can your final grade for this class exceed your final exam by more than one letter grade.

Homework Help: You are always welcome to come by my office for help with homework. I will be in my office during the posted office hours. If I am in my office you are also welcome just to drop in. If I can't help you immediately, we can usually find a time that is better for both of us. Before coming to my office for homework help, you must have at least attempted the problems that you have questions about. You must bring your work so that I can examine it with you to determine your strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, I strongly encourage you to use a trigonometry notebook or folder and never come to my office for help without it.
The Department of Mathematics provides a free tutoring service for UT Tyler students taking lower level mathematics courses (Intermediate Algebra through Calculus II) in the Mathematics Learning Center located in RBN 4021. The MLC is generally open 8am-10pm Monday through Thursday and 8am-5pm on Fridays. During these hours students have access to free tutoring, access to computers for online homework and Mathematica labs, and have a place to work on homework. Upon entering the MLC students are asked for their student ID which will be scanned for attendance and held until the student wishes to be scanned out before leaving the lab. The MLC is a place to do work related to your mathematics courses - it is not a general access lab used for surfing the internet and checking email (this will be monitored by the tutors). As such, you should expect the tutors to help you with your homework. However, this doesn't mean that they remember how to do all of the different types of problems. Sometimes it will be necessary for the tutor to ask for your book to review some material before helping you. If a tutor cannot figure something out, then they will consult with a faculty member. Occasionally things go wrong in the MLC and we need to hear about it. If you feel that you are not getting the help that you need (tutors ignoring your requests for help or refusing to help due to ignorance of a subject) or if the environment is too distracting (loud talking, someone playing music, etc), then go to your instructor or Joshua Jones (RBN 4004) to report your problem. It is especially important to remember the day and time that the incident occurred. All complaints will be kept anonymous.

Missed work: Missed homework cannot be made up. I will drop a few quizzes at the end of the semester to allow for missed quizzes. Your final exam grade will be used to replace a test grade in the event you miss a test.

MyMathLab:MyMathLab To complete the online component of this course, you will use the website and follow the on screen instructions using the access code that comes with your text. You will use the course id number which I will give you when you register. Use the first letter in your first name along with your whole last name for your login ID. If this login is already taken then add your middle initial. They will ask you for a new password, and it should be something only you should know and will not forget. Computers in the fourth floor math lab (MLC, RBN 4021) should be used whenever possible, as there will be tutors available for free to help you with your assignments! We ask that you be considerate of others by speaking quietly so that everyone can enjoy the facility. If you use a computer at home, you will need to install Windows plug-ins which are indicated on the MyMathLab website. Be sure to restart your computer periodically to avoid quirky little mishaps. Note that you can keep reworking homework problems before the due date to get 100% on the assignment before submitting it. Even if you do submit it, you can resubmit before the due date for a better grade! Another useful feature of MyMathLab is the tutorial that you can go through if you do not know how to work a problem. As long as you allow enough time for each assignment, you should have no trouble earning a 100 on every homework assignment.

Student Academic Conduct: It is your responsibility to learn the material in this course for your own benefit. You should not let this discourage you from working together on your homework but in the end what you turn in should reflect your understanding, not just be copied from someone else. During quizzes, tests, and the final exam, a code of honor will apply under which students are to work alone and neither give help to others nor receive help from any sources. Students are also expected to help enforce this code. Students are encouraged to obtain a copy of A Student Guide to Conduct and Discipline at UT Tyler, available in the Office of Student Affairs.

University Policies: For University policies concerning Students' Rights and Responsibilities, Grade Replacement/Forgiveness, State-Mandated Corse Drop Policy, Disability Services, Student Absence due to Religios Observance, Student Absence for University-Sponsored Events and Activities, and the Social Security and FERPA Statement please see: