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Conference on Representation Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Category Theory, Mathematical Physics and Quantum Information Theory

Funded by the National Science Foundation

September 20 - 23, 2007

The University of Texas at Tyler

The conference will explore the connections between Representation Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Category Theory, Mathematical Physics, and Quantum Information Theory. These fields are interrelated and have motivated each others' development. The conference will bring together experts in these areas to enhance research interactions.

Invited Speakers:

Vladamir Korepin (Stony Brook), Samuel Lomonaco (Maryland), Paul Benioff (Argonne National Lab), Yong Zhang (Utah), John Myers (Harvard), Joseph Geraci (USC), Howard Brandt (Army Research Lab), Dorit Aharonov (Hebrew University), Gavin Brennen (Innsbruck), Sergey Bravyi(IBM), Alioscia Hamma (USC), Louis Kauffman (Univ. Illinois at Chicago), Peter Shor (MIT), Steve Simon (Lucent Technologies Bell Labs), Travis Schedler (University of Chicago), Matthew Fisher (UC Santa Barbara), Howard Barnum (lanl.gov), Masud Haque (Max Plank Institute), Goong Chen (Texas A&M), Eun-Ah Kim (Stanford), John Armstrong (Tulane)


Kazem Mahdavi (University of Texas at Tyler)

Louis Kauffman (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Samuel Lomonaco (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

Deborah Koslover (University of Texas at Tyler)

Travel funding is available.

****More information will be available soon.